Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Challenge #51

Top O' The Mornin' to you all! This week, we have St. Patrick's Day to celebrate, so we challenged ourselves in a fitting way. Not beer layouts... Green!
This week's challenge was to create a monochromatic layout in the palette of green. Neutrals like black, white and brown are allowed, but everything else is green!
Here's some gorgeously green layouts from our design team!
E=Superb stitching holds this one together!

 I love the vintage feel to this!
 The banners on here are beautiful!
 I love the blocking and squares on here!
Amazing job, ladies!

For our Facebook Challenge this week, I challenge you to use a ton of flowers on your page (otherwise known as a flower sneeze) to celebrate spring. Let's see if you can get 50+ flowers on a page :)
Also, make sure to post your layouts on our Facebook Page!
Happy Scrapping!

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  1. Spotted this challenge on Missy's blog so played along!